About Convex Marketing

Convex Marketing is a Leader in Advertising Technology

Convex Marketing is a digital marketing company based in Laguna Hills, California. Since 2012, the Convex team has used an agile, software-based approach to advertising, developing custom-tailored ad software to help companies ensure that they will reach their target audiences. Having worked with both small businesses and international brands, Convex has the experience to deliver solutions for any marketing campaign.

Email marketing is a difficult field to navigate—there’s no better way to reach customers but there are many challenges involved in effectively reaching them. Convex Marketing has built a software platform from scratch that takes a sharpened approach to email marketing, making them a Top 10 company in the field. With their dynamic software and technical expertise, Convex Marketing takes the mystery out of email marketing and can guarantee 100% inboxing for email campaigns. As the field of advertising is consistently changing, so too does Convex’s technology, keeping up to date with the latest reputation systems to maintain deliverability.

The Convex Edge

Convex Marketing’s edge is in their technology. The software is a living, breathing testament to their commitment to successful campaigns, implementing changes on the fly and working with brands to develop solutions to all their marketing challenges.

The process is simple: Convex Marketing consults with its clients to determine the specifications of their email campaigns. To be able to deliver a 100% inboxing guarantee, the Convex software draws from close to 1 billion email records to find the relevant data. This trove of data is then digitally analyzed for markers like behavioral trends, allowing for granular targeting and an overall assurance of resource efficiency. Not only do advertisers get access to cutting-edge technology to help get eyes on their ads, but they do so with a consistently positive return-on-investment.

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