Marketers Want More Technology Investment

As marketing becomes more and more competitive and intense, we are beginning to see the gap between the marketers themselves and the companies and firms they work with and for. As one can expect, it’s often that the executives at the top don’t understand the realities of what’s being done in the middle and bottom. This disconnect can be a huge issue when it comes to priorities, goals, and making sure that the team actually doing the work has the necessary technologies and materials to complete the task to the best of their ability. marketing technology

The Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2016 report finds that this disconnect between those who make decisions and those who do the work is big and growing bigger, something that could speak to issues in the future unless it’s dealt with sooner rather than later. According to the report, 51% of marketers believe that their employers aren’t spending enough money on technology and should be spending more. Along with that, 42% feel as though the technology they’re currently forced to use is out of date and not enough to do their jobs well. This means that the outdated technology is cutting into efficiency and damaging the bottom line and the results that marketers are achieving.

This points to an issue that many markets have when working with companies — marketers are marketing-savvy and in favor of having the latest and best technologies because they know the difference they can make. Companies, on the other hand, are slow to move and slow to react to the quick changes that frequently happen in the world of marketing. Add to that that many companies are loath to lose money and spend it on something as tenuous as new marketing technology, especially when it will probably be obsolete in a year or two, and you have an issue where marketers are forced to get the results while using outdated and inefficient technology. For companies to truly succeed in the field of marketing, they should listen to what their marketers want and need and invest in the technology.

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